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8 Months to Pay – Interest FREE!

Sieff Optometrists are unique in that we offer you a chance to pay for your glasses over 8 monthly instalments. Interest free.


Repayment Term

With Optifin you are given up to 8 months to pay for your glasses, interest free. If you have been employed for less than 1 year in the same job or are a contract worker, your repayment term may be reduced.


Purchase Amount 

You are allowed to spend up to 15% of your net salary on your monthly instalment. For instance, if you earn R5000 per month, you can spend up to R750 on your monthly instalments.


First Instalment Rule 

Your Optifin credit will only be accepted after your first debit order instalment has been processed.

Bank Card

If you wish to make use of our interest free 8 month payment plan we will need to see your bank card or cell phone which is linked to your bank account. This is a new security measure which is designed to prevent fraud.


Delivery Times 

You will receive your glasses within 10 to 14 working days of your first successful debit order payment. If you require your glasses quicker than that, you can deposit the first instalment into Optifin’s bank account and your glasses will be processed immediately. Note during busy times of the year or when specialised materials are required, this can take longer.



Unfortunately, Optifin Finance cannot extend credit terms to you if you fall into the following categories:


  • Under administration or unrehabilitated insolvent

  • Unemployed

  • Over-indebted


8 months to pay interest free

Only Sieff Optometrists offers 8 months to pay for your glasses interest free. This easy payment plan is available to you whether you have medical aid or not. 


Please bring your bank card or bank-linked cell phone if you want to use this facility.

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