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Tints and Coatings


Sieff Optometrists are able to tint your lenses in the following colours:

Fixed Tints 

Tints are permanent colour consistently throughout the lens. The darkness or intensity of the tint can vary depending on the amount of protection you require.


Gradient Tints 

These give the lens a variable appearance from dark at the top to progressively lighter. Gradient tints come in a variety of gradient patterns. These are very cost effective and are often used instead of a photochromic lens.


Photochromic Tints 

These tints are embedded in the lens material and allow the lens to go darker in the sun and lighter indoors. There are various photochromic options available in both glass and plastic depending on the amount of protection you require.

UV400 Coating 


This coating makes the lens 100% UV protective and is available on plastic lenses if you require the maximum UV protection.

Anti Reflex Coatings 


These coatings reduce the light reflected by the lens and enhance the comfort and quality of the vision. These coatings are available on all lenses and are especially recommended for computer glare protection and night driving.

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