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Get 50% off your second pair of glasses when you buy one pair at the full price.
Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer shall only be valid for six months from the date of purchase of a pair of spectacles from us.

  2. Only customers whose account(s) are in good standing shall be eligible for this offer.

  3. The offer shall be a 50% discount on the purchase of a
    second pair of spectacles from us and shall be limited to spectacles of the same or lesser price than the original pair.

  4. In the event of a customer selecting a subsequent pair of glasses that are of a greater price than the original pair, the discount given shall be limited to 50% of the price of the original pair.

  5. This offer shall only be valid for products from our
    standard ranges.

  6. Sieff Optometrists reserves the right to discontinue this offer
    at any time.​

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